Hey there my lovelies…..My name is Shweta, which means white. So it’s simply beyond my control if you see a lot of whites here. I naturally drift towards all things White. Over the years I have realized I love all colors but one key element around me has to be white.

Papaya World is a love child between a technical trader (read capital market professional – Index/Futures trader) and a dreamer. The two seem so far apart but still, both are so close to my heart.

Papaya world was born out of my love for all things dreamy, warm and beautiful, otherwise as a trade I have two colours in my life Red and Green.

This place is my wonderland.

Papaya world (mygotoblog.com) is a one-stop place for all decor, food, fashion, lifestyle inspirations that are practical, easy to execute, and affordable.

I welcome you all to be apart of this adventure. come on join the ride……


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