A collection of inspiring entryway decor ideas to transform any space.

Well, they say not to judge a book by its cover… I say why not. If the cover is not interesting I may not pick up the book to read it in the first place.

An entryway is the first room anyone sees when they visit your home. Apart from other’s first look, it’s the last place you see when stepping out. It has many purposes, it is not just the main door it also doubles up as the place for that final look check before stepping out or wearing shoes, hanging up our shopping/groceries your outerwear, that wet raincoat…. maybe a place to put down keys and mails….the list is endless…..

So basically an important place, why ignore it then?

Not all of us are lucky enough to have an entryway that opens up in a huge foyer area with chandeliers. Most of us have to do with a small compact area that overlooks the kitchen.

With a little bit of planning and creativity, one can transform this small dark alley into a warm bright, cozy nook that has a big role to play.

Here we have put together 13 inspiring ideas that you can try on a budget to revamp your entryway.

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1. Area Rug

Area rugs not only cover floor space it also helps in defining the area and separating sections.

A Long area rug can give the illusion of length and can make small narrow passage feel big.

See how an area rug has opened up the space and clearly marked the entryway from the rest of the space.

2. Bench

A small lean bench with a cushion not only will add to aesthetics but is also relevant for all practical purposes of comfort and ease.

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3. Pendant light

It is a good Idea to invest in a Pendant light to brighten up the space if you are not fortunate enough to have natural light coming in your entry way.

A clean minimal pendant light or even an Edison bulb will instantly brighten up the space and make it look inviting

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4. Mirror

Mirrors not only add to the overall look of the place they also add to the depth and create an illusion of openness. They make the place feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light. Not to forget their real purpose the vanity.

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5. Console Table

The console table binds the whole place together and organizes those small little nick nacks. Their height is ergonomically designed keeping in mind their usage as landing tables…..you really don’t want to bend down with a tone of things in hand just to keep your keys or mails.

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6. Hooks

Hooks don’t take up any floor space yet serve many purpose. You could use a quirky hook to make the area more interesting or just a plain solid hook to hold your wet raincoat or a bag would do the job.

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Shop on Amazon | Hooks |

7. Compact Storage

Now what can we say about storage….more the merrier…..

8. Door

Go crazy with that plain boring door…….paint it or just put a removable wall paper……..it could be a great conversation starter for guest.

Entryway Decor
Source : topdoityourself.com via : wooden-furniture-store.co.uk / Pinterest

9. Walls

Wall decor or accent wall colour adds to the drama of the space. If your style is quirky we have a really fun idea for you.

Else for more easy to idea, you can add some art work or many use some removeable wallpaper. you could just simply paint the wall in one accent colour or half and half. Options are endless.

10. Cushions

Now, what can I say about cushions? They just make any space so much more inviting and comfy.

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11. Basket

Baskets are in my opinion are the most under-appreciated decor item in any home. They are so versatile, they are a great storage option, you hide away any clutter without compromising accessibility. They could even double up at basket planters.

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12. Candles

How we not add candles…they immediately add warmth and homeliness to any space

13. Vase

They always come handy…. Empty or not they look elegant anyways

Entryway Decor
Source : mccabe-house.com
Entryway Decor
Source :lizgaffneydesign.com & Pinterest